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Year: 2016

  • Baránková B., Lazár D., Nauš J. (2016)

    Analysis of the effect of chloroplast arrangement on optical properties of green tobacco leaves.

    Remote Sensing of Environment 174, 181-196 (Abstract)
  • Biler M., Trouillas P., Biedermann D., Křen V., Kubala M. (2016)

    Tunable optical properties of silymarin flavonolignans.

    Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 328, 154-162 (Abstract)
  • Brabec V., Kasparkova J., Kostrhunova H., Farrell N. (2016)

    Inhibition of nuclear factor kappaB proteins-platinated DNA interactions correlates with cytotoxic effectiveness of the platinum complexes.

    Scientific Reports 6, 28474 (Abstract)
  • Brabec V., Pracharova J., Stepankova J., Sadler P.J., Kasparkova J. (2016)

    Photo-induced DNA cleavage and cytotoxicity of a ruthenium(II) arene anticancer complex.

    Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 160, 149-155 (Abstract)
  • Brabec V., Vrana O., Novakova O., Kasparkova J. (2016)

    Comment on “Delivering a photosensitive transplatin prodrug to overcome cisplatin drug resistance” by H. Song, W. Li, R. Qi, L. Yan, X. Jing, M. Zheng and H. Xiao, Chem. Commun., 2015, 51, 11493.

    Chemical Communication 52, 4096 (Abstract)
  • Čechová P., Berka K., Kubala M. (2016)

    Ion pathways in the Na+/K+-ATPase.

    Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 56(12), 2434-2444 (Abstract)
  • Datta K.J, Gawande M.B., Datta K.K.R., Ranc V., Pechousek J., Krizek M., Tucek J., Kale R., Pospisil P., Varma R.S., Asefa T., Zoppellaro G., Zboril R. (2016)

    Micro-mesoporous iron oxides with record efficiency for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide: morphology driven catalysis for the degradation of organic contaminants.

    Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4, 596-604 (Abstract)
  • Enflo L., Herbst C.T., Sundberg J., McAllister A. (2016)

    Comparing vocal fold contact criteria derived from audio and electroglottographic signals.

    Journal of Voice 30(4), 381-388 (Abstract)
  • Garcia M., Gingras B., Bowling D.L., Herbst C.T., Boeckle M., Locatelli Y., Fitch W.T. (2016)

    Structural classification of Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) vocalizations.

    Ethology 122(4), 329-342 (Abstract)
  • Gill B.P., Herbst C.T. (2016)

    Voice pedagogy-what do we need?

    Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology 41(4),168-173 (Abstract)
  • Hájek P., Švancara P., Horáček J., Švec J.G. (2016)

    FE modelling of the influence of the lamina propria properties on the vocal folds vibration and produced sound for specific Czech vowels.

    In: Adámek V., Jonášová A., Zajíček M. (eds), Book of extended abstracts. 32nd conference with international participation Computational Mechanics 2016, 23-24, University of West Bohemia, Plzeň
  • Hájek P., Švancara P., Horáček J., Švec J.G. (2016)

    Finite element modelling of the influence of the lamina propria properties on the vocal folds vibration and produced sound for specific Czech vowels.

    Applied Mechanics and Materials 821, 657-664 (Abstract)
  • Hájek P., Švancara P., Horáček J., Švec J.G. (2016)

    Numerical simulation of the effect of the stiffness of lamina propria on the self-sustained oscillation of the vocal folds.

    In: Zolotarev I. Radolf V. (eds.), Proceedings of the Engineering Mechanics 2016. 22nd International Conference on Engineering Mechanics, 182-185, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Thermomechanics, Prague (Abstract)
  • Hampala V., Garcia M., Švec J.G., Scherer R.C., Herbst C.T. (2016)

    Relationship between the electroglottographic signal and vocal fold contact area.

    Journal of Voice 30(2), 161-171 (Abstract)
  • Herbst C.T. (2016)

    Biophysics of vocal production in mammals.

    In: Suthers R.A., Fitch W.T., Fay R.R., Popper A.N. (eds.), Springer Handbook of Auditory Research, Volume 53, Vertebrate Sound Production and Acoustic Communication, 159-189, Springer, Dordrecht (Abstract)
  • Herbst C.T., Švec J.G. (2016)

    Basics of voice acoustics – a tutorial.

    In: Sataloff R.T., Benninger M.S. (eds.), Sataloff's Comprehensive Textbook of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery. Vol.4. Laryngology, 63-80, Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, New Delhi
  • Herbst C.T., Unger J., Herzel H., Svec J.G., Lohscheller J. (2016)

    Phasegram analysis of vocal fold vibration documented with laryngeal high-speed video endoscopy.

    Journal of Voice 30(6), 771.e1-771.e15 (Abstract)
  • Janockova J., Zilecka E., Kasparkova J., Brabec V., Soukup O., Kuca K., Kozurkova M. (2016)

    Assessment of DNA-binding affinity of cholinesterase reactivators and electrophoretic determination of their effect on topoisomerase I and II activity.

    Molecular BioSystems 12(9), 2910-2920 (Abstract)
  • Kouřil R., Nosek L., Bartoš J., Boekema E.J., Ilík P. (2016)

    Evolutionary loss of light-harvesting proteins Lhcb6 and Lhcb3 in major land plant groups – break-up of current dogma.

    New Phytologist 210(3), 808-814 (Abstract)
  • Kubala M., Cechova P., Geleticova J., Biler M., Stenclova T., Trouillas P., Biedermann D. (2016)

    Flavonolignans as a novel class of sodium pump inhibitors.

    Frontiers in Physiology 7, 115 (Abstract)
  • Lasorsa A., Stuchlikova O., Brabec V., Natile G., Arnesano F. (2016)

    Activation of platinum(IV) prodrugs by cytochrome c and and characterization of the protein binding sites.

    Molecular Pharmaceutics 13(9), 3216-3223 (Abstract)
  • Malina J., Hannon M.J., Brabec V. (2016)

    Iron(II) supramolecular helicates interfere with the HIV-1 Tat–TAR RNA interaction critical for viral replication.

    Scientific Reports 6, 29674 (Abstract)
  • Medříková Z., Novohradsky V., Zajac J., Vrana O., Kasparkova J., Bakandritsos A., Petr M., Zbořil R., Brabec V. (2016)

    Enhancing tumor cell response to chemotherapy through targeted delivery of Pt drugs mediated by highly stable, multifunctional carboxymethylcellulose coated magnetic nanoparticles.

    Chemistry - A European. Journal 22(28), 9750-9759 (Abstract)
  • Muenzner J.K., Biersack B., Albrecht A., Rehm T., Lacher U., Milius W., Casini A., Zhang J.-J., Ott I., Brabec V., Stuchlikova O., Andronache I.C., Schuppan D., Kaps L., Schobert R. (2016)

    Ferrocenyl-coupled N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of gold(I): a successful approach to multinuclear anticancer drugs.

    Chemistry - A European Journal 22(52), 18953-18962 (Abstract)
  • Nauš J., Šmecko S., Špundová M. (2016)

    Chloroplast avoidance movement as a sensitive indicator of relative water content during leaf desiccation in the dark.

    Photosynthesis Research 129(2), 217-225 (Abstract)
  • Parajdi-Losonczi P.L., Bényei A.C., Kováts É., Timári I., Radosova Muchova T., Novohradsky V., Kasparkova J., Buglyó P. (2016)

    [(η6-p-cymene)Ru(H2O)3]2+ binding capability of aminohydroxamates – A solution and solid state study.

    Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 160, 236-245 (Abstract)
  • Pavlovič A., Krausko M., Adamec L. (2016)

    A carnivorous sundew plant prefers protein over chitin as a source of nitrogen from its traps.

    Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 104, 11-16 (Abstract)
  • Pavlovič A., Stolárik T., Nosek L., Kouřil R., Ilík P. (2016)

    Light-induced gradual activation of photosystem II in dark-grown Norway spruce seedlings.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Bioenergetics 1857(6), 799-809 (Abstract)
  • Pospíšil P. (2016)

    Production of reactive oxygen species by photosystem II as a response to light and temperature stress.

    Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 1950 (Abstract)
  • Pracharova J., Radosova Muchova T., Dvorak Tomastikova E., Intini F., Pacifico C., Natile G., Kasparkova J., Brabec V. (2016)

    Anticancer potential of a photoactivated transplatin derivative containing methylazaindole ligands mediated by ROS generation and DNA cleavage.

    Dalton Transactions 45(33), 13179-13186 (Abstract)
  • Prasad A., Ferretti U., Sedlářová M., Pospíšil P. (2016)

    Singlet oxygen production in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii under heat stress.

    Scientific Reports 6, 20094 (Abstract)
  • Pyszková M., Biler M., Biedermann D., Valentová K., Kuzma M., Vrba J., Ulrichová J., Sokolová R., Mojović M., Popović-Bijelić A., Kubala M., Trouillas P., Křen V., Vacek J. (2016)

    Flavonolignan 2,3-dehydroderivatives: Preparation, antiradical and cytoprotective activity.

    Free Radical Biology and Medicine 90, 114-125 (Abstract)
  • Raveendran R., Braude J.P., Wexselblatt E., Novohradsky V., Stuchlikova O., Brabec V., Gibson D. (2016)

    Pt(IV) derivatives of cisplatin and oxaliplatin with phenylbutyrate axial ligands are potent cytotoxic agents that act by several mechanisms of action.

    Chemical Science 7(3), 2381-2391 (Abstract)
  • Salem O.M., Vilková M., Janočková J., Jendželovský R., Fedoročko P., Žilecká E., Kašpárková J., Brabec V., Imrich J., Kožurková M. (2016)

    New spiro tria(thia)zolidine acridines as topoisomerase inhibitors, DNA binders and cytostatic compounds.

    International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 86, 690-700 (Abstract)
  • Schmitt F., Donnelly K., Muenzner J.K., Rehm T., Novohradsky V., Brabec V., Kasparkova J., Albrecht M., Schobert R., Mueller T. (2016)

    Effects of histidin-2-ylidene vs. imidazol-2-ylidene ligands on the anticancer and antivascular activity of complexes of ruthenium, iridium, platinum, and gold.

    Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 163, 221-228 (Abstract)
  • Sinha R.K., Pospíšil P., Maheshwari P., Eudes F. (2016)

    Bcl-2421 and Ac-DEVD-CHO inhibit death of wheat microspores.

    Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 1931 (Abstract)
  • Vacek J., Zatloukalova M., Geleticova J., Kubala M., Modriansky M., Fekete L., Masek J., Hubatka F., Turanek J. (2016)

    Electrochemical platform for the detection of transmembrane proteins reconstituted into liposomes.

    Analytical Chemistry 88(8), 4548-4556 (Abstract)
  • Vallverdú-Queralt A., Biler M., Meudec E., Guernevé C.L., Vernhet A., Mazauric J.P., Legras J.L., Loonis M., Trouillas P., Cheynier V., Dangles O. (2016)

    p-Hydroxyphenyl-pyranoanthocyanins: an experimental and theoretical investigation of their acid-base properties and molecular interactions.

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 17(11), 1842 (Abstract)
  • Vojta P., Kokáš F., Husičková A., Grúz J., Bergougnoux V., Marchetti C.F., Jiskrová E., Ježilová E., Mik V., Ikeda Y., Galuszka P. (2016)

    Whole transcriptome analysis of transgenic barley with altered cytokinin homeostasis and increased tolerance to drought stress.

    New Biotechnology 33(5B), 676-691 (Abstract)
  • Vrana O., Novohradsky V., Markova Z., Szewieczkova J., Stuchlikova O., Kasparkova J., Brabec V. (2016)

    Internalization of ineffective platinum complex in nanocapsules renders it cytotoxic.

    Chemistry - A European Journal 22(8), 2728-2735 (Abstract)
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