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Cisplatin interacting with buffering media and cysteine: molecular insight due to Raman micro-spectroscopy.

Autor: Siskova, K.M.Published: Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 50(4), 528-536Year: 2019

Background: The solvation of cisplatin, [Pt(NH3)2Cl2], a widely used chemotherapeutical drug, regarded on molecular level in model media is often overlooked by researchers. It is however essential in several aspects. Methods: The solvation was monitored by using Raman scattering micro-spectroscopy. This technique being used for the first time, enables us to focus the laser beam several micrometers above the dissolving crystals of cisplatin allowing to monitor of the process of cisplatin dissolution in-situ.
Results: The obtained Raman micro-spectroscopic results provided a direct qualitative evidence about (i) interaction between Tris, MOPS, HEPES buffers and cisplatin via Pt-N coordination covalent bond and (ii) interaction of cisplatin with cysteine dominantly through Pt-S bond (at pH 7.4). Furthermore, this vibrational spectroscopic technique revealed a decreased dissolution of cisplatin in a particular buffering solution in the presence of NaCl abundance; kinetics of the Pt-N formation in the case of MOPS-NaCl medium was monitored. Moreover, spatial dissolution of cisplatin in Cys-Tris medium was observed in-situ.
Conclusions: The particular buffering medium, containing either primary or tertiary amines can interact with cisplatin via a coordination covalent bond. The presence of an increased NaCl concentration can partially suppress this interaction. Raman micro-spectroscopy, a method of vibrational spectroscopy, is a powerful technique to investigate the dissolution of cisplatin in-situ.
General significance: Based on vibrational micro-spectroscopic measurements, it provides direct evidence about cisplatin interactions with selected model media being widely used in biochemistry and biophysics. This interaction could influence the effectiveness of cisplatin as a drug.

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