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Unique structural properties of DNA interstrand cross-links formed by a new antitumor dinuclear Pt(II) complex.

Autor: Hrabina O., Kasparkova J., Suchankova T., Novohradsky V., Guo Z., Brabec V.Published: Metallomics 9, 494Year: 2017

The DNA interstrand cross-links of the antitumor drug ({[cis-Pt(NH3)2Cl]2(4,4´-methylenedianiline)}2+ (1) play a prevalent role in its antitumor effects. Complex 1 forms in DNA long-range interstrand cross-links uniquely in the 3'-3' direction. Conformational distortions induced by these interstrand cross-links in DNA represent a potential structural motif for recognition by high-mobility-group proteins.

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