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Comment on “Delivering a photosensitive transplatin prodrug to overcome cisplatin drug resistance” by H. Song, W. Li, R. Qi, L. Yan, X. Jing, M. Zheng and H. Xiao, Chem. Commun., 2015, 51, 11493.

Autor: Brabec V., Vrana O., Novakova O., Kasparkova J.Published: Chemical Communication 52, 4096Year: 2016

Consistency of literature results with the transformation of trans-diamminedichloridoplatinum(II) (transplatin) into cis-diammine-dichloridoplatinum(II) (cisplatin) under UVA irradiation claimed in the article recently published in this journal is questioned on the basis of previous and new experimental data.

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