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Topics of Ph.D. theses of studying field Biophysics suggested (but not approved by the faculty) for studying year 2019/2020 for foreign students


Topic: Ultra-weak photon emission in plant and animal cells
Annotation: Ultra-weak photon emission originates from oxidative metabolic processes in microbial, plant and animal cells. Electronically excited species (triplet excited carbonyls and singlet oxygen) formed during the oxidative metabolic processes are responsible for the ultra-weak photon emission. Role of reactive oxygen species in oxidation of lipids and proteins will be studied in plant and animal cells.
Supervisor:  Doc. RNDr. Pavel Pospíšil, Ph.D.


Topic: Trimetallic nanoclusters: syntheses, physico-chemical and biological properties
Annotation: Similarly as bimetallic nanoclusters, trimetallic nanoclusters are included in composite nanomaterials consisting of a biocompatible organic component and a functional inorganic component. In comparison with bimetallic nanoclusters, the investigation of trimetallic nanoclusters is just at the very beginning. The application of trimetallic nanoclusters is expected, for instance, in imaging based on dual properties of these clusters (e.g. optical and magnetic), in catalysis etc. The aim of this PhD thesis is the development of new experimentally prepared trimetallic nanoclusters, their characterization and testing of their interactions with cells; the last mentioned in collaboration with a well-known scientific institute in Prague.
Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Karolína Machalová Šišková, Ph.D.

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