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Ph.D. programme

(open also for foreign students, possibility to study in English language)

The Biophysics doctoral study programme is intended for students who want to acquire thorough knowledge and practical skills required to study processes in living systems at the level of molecules, cells, organs and whole organisms. For the purposes of research, a wide range of mainly biophysical methods, typical for the given direction of research, is used. Modern methods of molecular biology and biochemistry, physiological methods as well as theoretical modeling are also used. So far, 71 students have successfully completed the Biophysics doctoral study programme.

Experimental research into biophysical processes taking place in plants, especially at the level of the photosynthetic apparatus, and the study of the influence of stress factors on physiological processes in plants has the longest tradition in our work. We also theoretically simulate these experimental data based on mathematical models describing the physical essence of the given processes. Because the stresses of living systems (plants and animals) are, among other things, associated with the production of radical and non-radical reactive oxygen species, we also study these processes.

In recent years, we have also focused on biophysical research with applications in medicine. The subject of our research is also the modification of nucleic acids, especially DNA, cytostatics derived from transition metal complexes (platinum, ruthenium, osmium), the differentiation of these modifications by cellular components (especially proteins) and the repair of these modifications. We also deal with the biomechanics and physiological acoustics of the human voice, we also study vocal cord oscillation processes in healthy and sick people with the aim of improving the diagnosis of voice disorders.

Graduates of doctoral studies will master modern biophysical methods and experimental techniques, learn to independently plan research activities, process grant projects, formulate scientific goals of projects and search for theoretical and experimental methods to solve them. Graduates will learn to effectively search for information in scientific journals and databases, deepen their ability to process research on a given issue, and learn to critically evaluate their own results and the conclusions of other authors. An important element of doctoral studies is also language education, aimed at improving spoken and written English, which is currently necessary for scientific work. Graduates will find employment at universities, scientific workplaces at home and abroad and in responsible positions in laboratories and in the production sphere.

The study supervisor for the Ph.D. programme in Biophysics is Prof. RNDr. Dušan Lazár, Ph.D.

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