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Ph.D. studies

(open also for foreign students, possibility to study in English)

Biophysics – the Ph.D. studies of Biophysics are aimed at students who want to study processes in living systems at the level of molecules, cells, organs or whole organisms, namely employing physical methods. The students can choose between four specialisations: Plant stresses, Reactive oxygen species in living systems, Structure-functional characteristics of nucleic acids and proteins and Human voice and the function of vocal chords. So far, 70 students have successfully finished their Ph.D. studies of Biophysics.

The research related to biophysical processes in plants (namely at the level of photosynthetic apparatus) and effects of various stress factors on plant physiology has a long tradition at out department. One of the factors tightly connected with stress of living systems (plants, animals) is the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which we monitor with the help of a range of biophysical methods (including electron paramagnetic resonance or ultraweak photon emission).

Recently we have shifted our attention also to biophysical research related to medicine. We focus namely on the investigation of modification of nucleic acids by cytostatics derived from transition metal complexes, which have potential application in cancer therapy. We also study the structure, functions and interactions of medicinally important proteins, including mathematical modelling of their 3D-structure and dynamics. We are interested in biomechanics and physiological acoustics of human voice, we also study vocal-fold vibrations in order to improve the diagnostics of voice disorders.

During the Ph.D. programme, the students will acquire modern biophysical methods and experimental techniques, they will learn to independently plan their research work, submit grant proposals, formulate scientific goals/problems of projects and choose suitable theoretical and experimental approaches to address them. The students will learn how to effectively retrieve information in scientific journals and databases, they will improve their skills of preparation of literature reviews, the will learn to critically evaluate their own research results as well as conclusions of other authors. An integral part of the Ph.D. programme is also language course, focused on the improvement of the level of both spoken and written English, which is essential for scientific work. The graduates have a qualification to work at universities, research institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad and at leading positions in laboratories and application sphere and industry.

The study supervisor for the Ph.D. programme in Biophysics is Prof. RNDr. Dušan Lazár, Ph.D.

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