Page staff:   Ondřej Hrabina - Ph.D. student (presence form)


Year of study: 5

Supervisor: Prof. RNDr. Viktor Brabec, DrSc.

Topic of doctoral thesis: Energetics, conformation, and recognition of DNA damaged by anticancer metallodrugs.


Hrabina O., Brabec V., Nováková O. (2019) Translesion DNA synthesis across lesions induced by oxidative products of pyrimidines: An insight into the mechanism by microscale. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20, 5012

Simpson D., Hapeshi A., Rogers N.J., Brabec V., Clarkson G.J., Fox D., Hrabina O., Kay G., King A., Malina J., Millard A., Moat J., Roper D.I., Song H., Waterfield N., Scott P. (2019) Metallohelices that kill Gram-negative pathogens using intracellular antimicrobial peptide pathways. Chemical Science 10, 9708-9720

Brabec V., Hrabina O., Kasparkova J. (2017) Cytotoxic platinum coordination compounds. DNA binding agents. Coordination Chemistry Reviews 351, 2-31

Hrabina O., Kasparkova J., Suchankova T., Novohradsky V., Guo Z., Brabec V. (2017) Unique structural properties of DNA interstrand cross-links formed by a new antitumor dinuclear Pt(II) complex. Metallomics 9, 494

Marzo T., Pillozzi S., Hrabina O., Kasparkova J., Brabec V., Arcangeli A., Bartoli G., Severi M., Lunghi A., Totti F., Gabbiani C., Quiroga A.G., Messori L. (2015) cis-Pt I2(NH3)2: a reappraisal. Dalton Transactions 44, 14896-14905

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