Department history

The history of our department goes back to 1978, when the Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc offered as the first university in the former Czechoslovakia a five-year university course „Biophysics and Chemical Physics“. This was namely thanks to the effort of Prof. RNDr. Ivan Cabák, CSc, the head of the Department of Physics and Didactics of Physics at that time. In 1989, the name of this department was changed to the Department of Experimental Physics and a separate Laboratory of biophysics was established as a part of this department. Prof. RNDr. Jan Nauš, CSc., who has been working in the department since 1980, became the head of the laboratory. Since 1991, the laboratory offers also Ph.D. studies in Biophysics. In 2003, the five-year course „Biophysics and Chemical Physics“ was split into two parts – a three-year bachelor and a follow-up two-year master programme – and the name of the whole course was changed to “Biophysics”. Five years later, the Laboratory of biophysics participated in the opening of a new course - “Molecular Biophysics”. Finally, in January 2011, the Laboratory of Biophysics was separated from the Department of Experimental Physics and became the Department of Biophysics (DBP). Prof. RNDr. Petr Ilík, Ph.D. is the current head of the department.

Since the beginning, our research has been focused on plant biophysics and photosynthesis and on medical biophysics. Our research is supported by several national and international grants and we cooperate with many Czech and foreign research laboratories.

Department of Biophysics

Faculty of Science

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