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Biophysics is an interdisciplinary branch of science that can be considered as a bridge between chemistry, physics and biology. Biophysicists employ physical, chemical and mathematical methods to study living systems, from the tiniest subcellular parts to whole organisms.

Department of Biophysics (DBP) offers courses in Biophysics and Molecular Biophysics at all levels of university education (bachelor, master, doctoral). Our graduates have a qualification to work in a wide range of fields, including medicine, criminology, pharmacology, ecology, agriculture, or the food industry. However, many of them also choose to continue in academic career and participate in basic and applied research in physics, chemistry, biology or medicine.

Research topics of DBP include studies of plant stresses, formation of reactive oxygen species in living systems and structural and functional properties of nucleic acids and proteins, as well as studies of human voice and function of vocal cords. DBP cooperates with laboratories in Czech Republic as well as abroad, both in Europe and overseas.

DBP also participates in the popularization of science among high school students within the frame of projects such as Badatel (Explorer; in Czech only) and Open Science II.

At these web sites you will find further information about all current and past activities of DBP. We wish you pleasant browsing and we do hope that you will return to us again!


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