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Rok: 2018

  • Nožková V., Šmíd P., Horváth P., Hrabovský M., Ilík P. (2018)

    Non-invasive monitoring of hydraulic surge propagation in a wounded tobacco plant.

    Plant Methods 14, 38 (abstrakt)
  • Parajdi-Losonczi P.L., Buglyo P., Skakalova H., Kasparkova J., Lihi N., Farkas E. (2018)

    Half-sandwich type rhodium(III)–aminohydroxamate complexes: the role of the position of the amino group in metal ion binding.

    New Journal of Chemistry 42(10), 7659-7670 (abstrakt)
  • Patel R., Awan S., Barkmeier-Kraemer J., Courey M., Deliyski D., Eadie T., Paul D., Švec J.G., Hillman R. (2018)

    Recommended minimum protocols for instrumental assessment of voice: American Speech-Language Hearing Association Committee on Instrumental Voice assessment protocols.

    American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology 27(3), 887-905 (abstrakt)
  • Pinnola A., Alboresi A., Nosek L., Semchonok D., Rameez A., Trotta A., Barozzi F., Kouřil R., Dall’Osto L., Aro E.-M., Boekema E.L., Bassi R. (2018)

    A LHCB9-dependent photosystem I megacomplex induced under low light in Physcomitrella patens.

    Nature Plants 4(11), 910-919 (abstrakt)
  • Prachařová J., Intini F.P., Natile G., Kasparkova J., Brabec V. (2018)

    Potentiation of cytotoxic action of cis-[PtCl2(NH3)(1M7AI)] by UVA irradiation. Mechanistic insights.

    Inorganica Chimica Acta 472, 199-206 (abstrakt)
  • Pracharova J., Novohradsky V, Kostrhunova H., Štarha P., Trávníček Z., Kasparkova J., Brabec V. (2018)

    Half-sandwich Os(II) and Ru(II) bathophenanthroline complexes: anticancer drug candidates with unusual potency and a cellular activity profile in highly invasive triple-negative breast cancer cells.

    Dalton Transactions 47(35), 12198-12208 (abstrakt)
  • Pracharova J., Vigueras G., Novohradsky V., Cutillas N., Janiak C., Kostrhunova H., Kasparkova J., Ruiz J., Brabec V (2018)

    Exploring the effect of the polypyridyl ligands on anticancer activity of phosphorescent iridium(III) complexes: from proteosynthesis inhibitors to photodynamic therapy agents.

    Chemistry - A European Journal 24(18), 4607-4619 (abstrakt)
  • Prasad A., Balukova A., Pospíšil P. (2018)

    Triplet excited carbonyls and singlet oxygen formation during oxidative radical reaction in skin.

    Frontiers in Physiology 9, 1109 (abstrakt)
  • Prasad A., Sedlářová M., Pospíšil P. (2018)

    Singlet oxygen imaging using fluorescent probe Singlet Oxygen Sensor Green in photosynthetic organisms.

    Scientific Reports 8, 13685 (abstrakt)
  • Saganová M., Bokor B., Stolárik T., Pavlovič A. (2018)

    Regulation of enzyme activities in carnivorous pitcher plants of the genus Nepenthes.

    Planta 248(2), 451-464 (abstrakt)
  • Shi H., Romero-Canelón I., Hreusova M., Novakova O., Venkatesh V., Habtemariam A., Clarkson G.J., Song J.-I., Brabec V., Sadler P.J. (2018)

    Photoactivatable cell-selective dinuclear trans-diazidoplatinum(IV) anticancer prodrugs.

    Inorganic Chemistry 57(22), 14409-14420 (abstrakt)
  • Schmitt F., Kasparkova J., Brabec V., Begemann G., Schobert R., Biersack B. (2018)

    New (arene)ruthenium(II) complexes of 4'aryl'-4H'-naphthopyrans with anticancer and anti-vascular activities.

    Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 184, 69-78 (abstrakt)
  • Stirbet A., Lazár D., Kromdijk J., Govindjee (2018)

    Chlorophyll a fluorescence induction: Can just a one-second measurement be used to quantify abiotic stress responses?

    Photosynthetica 56(1), 86-104 (abstrakt)
  • Stolárik T., Nožková V., Nosek L., Pavlovič A. (2018)

    Dark chlorophyll synthesis may provide a potential for shade tolerance as shown by a comparative study with seedlings of European larch (Larix decidua) and Norway spruce (Picea abies).

    Trees 32(4), 951-965 (abstrakt)
  • Szymanska R., Pospíšil P., Kruk J. (2018)

    Plant-derived antioxidants in disease prevention 2018

    Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity 2018, 2068370 (abstrakt)
  • Šeflová J., Čechová P., Štenclová T., Šebela M., Kubala M. (2018)

    Identification of cisplatin-binding sites on the large cytoplasmic loop of the Na+/K+-ATPase.

    Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry 33(1), 701-706 (abstrakt)
  • Štarha P., Trávníček Z., Crlíková H., Vančo J., Kašpárková J, Dvořák Z. (2018)

    Half-sandwich Ir(III) complex of N1-pyridyl-7-azaindole exceeds cytotoxicity of cisplatin at various human cancer cells and 3D multicellular tumor spheroids.

    Organometallics 37(16), 2749-2759 (abstrakt)
  • Švec J.G., Granqvist S. (2018)

    Tutorial and guidelines on measurement of sound pressure level (SPL) in voice and speech.

    Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research 61(3), 441-461 (abstrakt)
  • Wistbacka G., Andrade P.A., Simberg S., Hammarberg B., Södersten M., Švec J.G., Granqvist S. (2018)

    Resonance tube phonation in water - the effect of tube diameter and water depth on back pressure and bubble characteristics at different airflows.

    Journal of Voice 32(1), 126.e11-126.e22 (abstrakt)
  • Yokawa K., Kagenishi T., Pavlovič A., Gall S., Weiland M., Mancuso S., Baluška F. (2018)

    Anaesthetics stop diverse plant organ movements, affect endocytic vesicle recycling and ROS homeostasis, and block action potentials in Venus flytraps.

    Annals of Botany 122(5), 747-756 (abstrakt)

Rok: 2017

  • Biler M., Biedermann D., Valentová K., Křen V., Kubala M. (2017)

    Quercetin and its analogues: optical and acido-basic properties.

    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19(39), 26870-26879 (abstrakt)
  • Bečka M., Vilková M., Salem O., Kašpárková J., Brabec V., Kožurková M. (2017)

    3-[(E)-(acridin-9′-ylmethylidene)amino]-1-substituted thioureas and their biological activity.

    Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 180, 234-241 (abstrakt)
  • Brabec V., Hrabina O., Kasparkova J. (2017)

    Cytotoxic platinum coordination compounds. DNA binding agents.

    Coordination Chemistry Reviews 351, 2-31 (abstrakt)
  • Hájek P., Švancara P., Horáček J., Švec J.G. (2017)

    Numerical simulation of the self-oscillating vocal folds in interaction with vocal tract shaped for particular Czech vowels.

    In: Jabłoński R., Szewczyk R. (eds.), Recent Global Research and Education: Technological Challenges: Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Global Research and Education Inter- Academia 2016, 317-323, Springer (abstrakt)
  • Hájek .P, Švancara P., Horáček J., Švec J.G. (2017)

    Effects of turbulence in FE model of human focal folds self-oscillation.

    In: Fuis V. (ed), Engineering Mechanics 2017, 366-369, Brno University of Technology, Institute of Solid Mechanics, Mechatronics and Biomechanics, Brno (abstrakt)
  • Herbst C.T. (2017)

    A review of singing voice subsystem interactions—Toward an extended physiological model of “support”.

    Journal of Voice 31(2), 249.e13-249.e19 (abstrakt)
  • Herbst C.T., Hampala V., Garcia M., Hofer R., Švec J.G. (2017)

    Hemi-laryngeal setup for studying vocal fold vibration in three dimensions.

    Journal of Visualized Experiments 129, e55303 (abstrakt)
  • Herbst C.T., Hertegard S. Zangger-Borch D., Lindestad P.-Å. (2017)

    Freddie Mercury – acoustic analysis of speaking fundamental frequency, vibrato, and subharmonic.

    Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology 42(1), 29-38 (abstrakt)
  • Herbst C.T., Schutte H.K., Bowling D.L., Švec J.G. (2017)

    Comparing chalk with cheese—the EGG contact quotient is only a limited surrogate of the closed quotient.

    Journal of Voice 31(4), 401-409 (abstrakt)
  • Hrabina O., Kasparkova J., Suchankova T., Novohradsky V., Guo Z., Brabec V. (2017)

    Unique structural properties of DNA interstrand cross-links formed by a new antitumor dinuclear Pt(II) complex.

    Metallomics 9, 494 (abstrakt)
  • Huličiak M., Bazgier V., Berka K., Kubala M. (2017)

    RH421 binds into the ATP-binding site on the Na+/K+-ATPase.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. - Biomembranes;1859(10), 2113-2122 (abstrakt)
  • Ilík P., Pavlovič A., Kouril R., Alboresi A., Morosinotto T., Allahverdieyeva Y., Aro E.-M., Yamamoto H., Shikanai T. (2017)

    Alternative electron transport mediated by flavodiiron proteins is operational in organisms from cyanobacteria up to gymnosperms.

    New Phytologist 214(3), 967-972 (abstrakt)
  • Intini F.P., Zajac J., Novohradsky V., Saltarella T., Pacifico C., Brabec V., Natile V., Kasparkova J. (2017)

    Novel antitumor platinum(II) conjugates containing the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent diclofenac: synthesis and dual mechanisms of antiproliferative effects.

    Inorganic Chemistry 56(3), 1483-1497 (abstrakt)
  • Kale R., Hebert A.E., Frankel L.K., Sallans L., Bricker T.M., Pospíšil P. (2017)

    Amino acid oxidation of the D1 and D2 proteins by oxygen radicals during photoinhibition of photosystem II.

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114(11), 2988-2993 (abstrakt)
  • Kasparkova J., Kostrhunova H., Novohradsky V., Pracharova J., Curci A., Margiotta N., Natile G., Brabec V. (2017)

    Anticancer kiteplatin pyrophosphate derivatives show unexpected target selectivity for DNA.

    Dalton Transactions 46(41), 14139-14148 (abstrakt)
  • Krausko M., Perutka Z., Šebela M., Šamajová O., Šamaj J., Novák O., Pavlovič A. (2017)

    The role of electrical and jasmonate signaling in recognition of captured prey in carnivorous sundew plant Drosera capensis.

    New Phytologist 213(4), 1818-1835 (abstrakt)
  • Lebeda A., Mieslerová B., Petřivalský M., Luhová L., Špundová M., Sedlářová M., Nožková-Hlaváčková V., Pink D.A.C. (2017)

    Review of tomato powdery mildew - a challenging problem for researchers, breeders and growers.

    Acta Horticulturae 1159, 107-116 (abstrakt)
  • Lyu H., Lazár D. (2017)

    Modeling the light-induced electric potential difference ΔΨ across the thylakoid membrane based on the transition state rate theory.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Bioenergetics 1858(3), 239-248 (abstrakt)
  • Lyu H., Lazár D. (2017)

    Modeling the light-induced electric potential difference (ΔΨ), the pH difference (ΔpH) and the proton motive force across the thylakoid membrane in C3 leaves.

    Journal of Theoretical Biology 413, 11-23 (abstrakt)
  • Nosek L., Semchonok D., Boekema E.J., Ilík P., Kouřil R. (2017)

    Structural variability of plant photosystem II megacomplexes in thylakoid membranes.

    Plant Journal 89(1), 104-111 (abstrakt)
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