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Rok: 2008

  • Kasparkova J., Marini V., Bursova V., Brabec V. (2008)

    Biophysical studies on the stability of intrastrand cross-links of transplatin.

    Biophysical Journal 95(9), 4361-4371 (abstrakt)
  • Kotabová E., Kaňa R., Kyseláková H., Lípová L., Novák O., Ilík P. (2008)

    A pronounced light-induced zeaxanthin formation accompanied by an unusually slight increase in non-photochemical quenching. A study with barley leaves treated with methyl viologen at moderate light.

    Journal of Plant Physiology 165(15), 1563-1571 (abstrakt)
  • Krist J., Géla F., Fronček F., Kubala M. (2008)

    Luminiscence in the everyday life and in the laboratory.

    Chemické listy 102(11), 1012-1016 (abstrakt)
  • Lazar D., Jablonsky J. (2008)

    Response to Kinetic models of photosystem II should incorporate a role for QB-nonreducing reaction centers.

    Biophysical Journal 95(7), 3115-3116
  • Lebeda A., Sedlářová M., Petřivalský M., Prokopová J. (2008)

    Diversity of defence mechanisms in plant-oomycete interactions: A case study of Lactuca spp. and Bremia lactucae.

    European Journal of Plant Pathology 122(1), 71-89 (abstrakt)
  • Nauš J., Rolencová M., Hlaváčková V. (2008)

    Is chloroplast movement in tobacco plants influenced systemically after local illumination or burning stress?

    Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 50(10), 1292-1299 (abstrakt)
  • Schutte H.K., Švec J.G. (2008)

    60 years of Folia - Review and comparison of two general journals in our field.

    Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica 60(6), 273-278 (abstrakt)
  • Šidlof P., Švec J.G., Horáček J., Veselý J., Klepáček I., Havlík R. (2008)

    Geometry of human vocal folds and glottal channel for mathematical and biomechanical modeling of voice production.

    Journal of Biomechanics 41(5), 985-995 (abstrakt)
  • Šnyrychová I., Hideg E. (2008)

    First application of terephthalate as a fluorescent probe for hydroxyl radicals in thylakoid membranes.

    In: J.F. Allen, E. Gantt, J.H. Golbeck, B. Osmond (eds.), Photosynthesis. Energy from the Sun (Proceedings of the 14th International Congress on Photosynthesis), 1553-1556, Springer (abstrakt)
  • Švec J.G. (2008)

    World Voice Day.

    Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica 60(2), 57
  • Švec J.G. (2008)

    World Voice Day.

    Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology 33(1), 2
  • Švec J.G., Herbst C., Havlík R., Horáček J., Krupa P., Lejska M., Miller D.G. (2008)

    Singer´s formant: Preliminary results of MRI and acoustic evaluations of singers.

    In: I. Zolotarev (ed.), Proceedings Interaction and Feedbacks 2008, 99-108, Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR, Prague (abstrakt)
  • Švec J.G., Sundberg J., Hertegård S. (2008)

    Three registers in an untrained female singer analyzed by videokymography, strobolaryngoscopy and sound spectrography.

    Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 123(1), 347-353 (abstrakt)
  • Švec J.G., Sundberg J., Hertegård S. (2008)

    Sound and video examples complementing the article "Three registers in an untrained female singer analyzed by videokymography, strobolaryngoscopy and sound spectrography".

    The National Center for Voice and Speech Online Technical Memo 10(1.1) (abstrakt)
  • Tokuda I.T., Horáček J., Švec J.G., Herzel H. (2008)

    Bifurcations and chaos in register transitions of excised larynx experiments.

    Chaos 18(1), 013102 (abstrakt)
  • Vampola T., Horáček J., Krupa P., Švec J.G., Havlík R., Lejska M. (2008)

    FE model for acoustic spaces and analysis of human vocal tract for ordinary and singing voice - a preliminary study.

    In: I. Zolotarev (ed.), Proceedings Interaction and Feedbacks 2008, 115-124, Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR, Prague (abstrakt)
  • Vampola T., Horáček J., Švec J.G. (2008)

    FE modeling of human vocal tract acoustics: Part I - production of Czech vowels.

    Acta Acustica United with Acustica 94(3), 433-447 (abstrakt)
  • Yamashita A., Nijo N., Pospíšil P., Morita N., Takenaka D., Aminaka R., Yamamoto Yo., Yamamoto Ya. (2008)

    Quality control of photosystem II: Reactive oxygen species are responsible for the damage to photosystem II under moderate heat stress.

    Journal of Biological Chemistry 283(42), 28380-28391 (abstrakt)

Rok: 2007

  • Fischer B.B., Krieger-Liszkay A., Hideg E., Šnyrychová I., Wiesendanger M., Eggen R.I.L. (2007)

    Role of singlet oxygen in chloroplast to nucleus retrograde signaling in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

    FEBS Letters 581(29), 5555-5560 (abstrakt)
  • Gryčová L., Lánský Z., Friedlová E., Vlachová V., Kubala M., Obšilová V., Obšil T., Teisinger J. (2007)

    ATP binding site on the C-terminus of the vanilloid receptor.

    Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 465(2), 389-398 (abstrakt)
  • Handl M., Filová E., Kubala M., Lánský Z., Koláčná L., Vorlíček J., Trč T., Pach M., Amler E. (2007)

    Fluorescent advanced glycation end products in the detection of factual stages of cartilage degeneration.

    Physiological Research 56(2), 235-242 (abstrakt)
  • Hlaváčková V., Nauš J. (2007)

    Chemical signals as a rapid long-distance information messenger after local wounding of a plant?

    Plant Signaling and Behavior 2(2), 103-105 (abstrakt)
  • Pospíšil P., Šnyrychová I., Nauš J. (2007)

    Dark production of reactive oxygen species in photosystem II membrane particles at elevated temperature - EPR spin-trapping study.

    Biochmica et Biophysica Acta - Bioenergetics 1767(6), 854-859 (abstrakt)
  • Schutte H.K., Švec J.G. (2007)

    Reaction of Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica on the Current Trend of Impact Factor Measures.

    Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica 59(6), 281-285
  • Sušila P., Nauš J. (2007)

    A Monte Carlo study of the chlorophyll fluorescence emission and its effect on the leaf spectral reflectance and transmittance under various conditions.

    Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 6(8), 894-902 (abstrakt)
  • Šnyrychová I., Hideg E. (2007)

    The first application of terephthalate fluorescence for highly selective detection of hydroxyl radicals in thylakoid membranes.

    Functional Plant Biology 34(12), 1005-1111 (abstrakt)
  • Šnyrychová I., Kós P.B., Hideg E. (2007)

    Hydroxyl radicals are not the protagonists of UV-B induced damage in isolated thylakoid membranes.

    Functional Plant Biology 34(12), 1112-1121 (abstrakt)

Rok: 2006

  • Hendrickson L., Vlčková A., Selsatm E., Huner N., Öquist G., Hurry V. (2006)

    Cold acclimation of the Arabidopsis dgd1 mutant results in recovery from photosystemi I-limited photosynthesis.

    FEBS Letetrs 580(20), 4959-4968 (abstrakt)
  • Hlaváčková V., Krchňák P., Nauš J., Novák O., Špundová M., Strnad M. (2006)

    Electrical and chemical signals involved in short-term systemic photosynthetic responses of tobacco plants to local burning.

    Planta 225(1), 235-244 (abstrakt)
  • Ilík P., Schansker G., Popelková H., Váczi P., Strasser R.J., Barták M. (2006)

    A dip in the chlorophyll fluorescence induction at 0.2 - 2 s in Trebouxia-possessing lichens reflects a fast reoxidation of photosystem I. A comparison with higher plants.

    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta -Bioenergetics 1757(1), 12-20 (abstrakt)
  • Kubala M. (2006)

    ATP-Binding to P-type ATPases as Revealed by Biochemical, Spectroscopic and Crystallographic Experiments.

    PROTEINS: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 64(1), 1-12 (review) (abstrakt)
  • Lazár D. (2006)

    The polyphasic chlorophyll a fluorescence rise measured under high intensity of exciting light.

    Functional Plant Biology 33(1), 9-30 (review) (abstrakt)
  • Lazár D., Sušila P., Nauš J. (2006)

    Early detection of plant stress from changes in distributions of chlorophyll a fluorescence parameters measured with fluorescence imaging.

    Journal of Fluorescence 16(2), 173-176 (abstrakt)
  • Pospíšil P., Šnyrychová I., Kruk J., Strzałka K., Nauš J. (2006)

    Evidence that cytochrome b559 is involved in superoxide production in Photosystem II: effect of synthetic short-chain plastoquinones in a cytochrome b559 tobacco mutant.

    Biochemical Journal 397(2), 321-327 (abstrakt)
  • Šnyrychová I., Pospíšil P., Nauš J. (2006)

    Reaction pathways involved in the production of hydroxyl radicals in thylakoid membrane: EPR spin-trapping study.

    Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 5(5), 472-476 (abstrakt)
  • Šnyrychová I., Pospíšil P., Nauš J. (2006)

    The effect of metal chelators on the production of hydroxyl radicals in thylakoids.

    Photosynthesis Research 88(3), 323-329 (abstrakt)
  • Tománková K., Kolářová H., Kubínek R., Vůjtek M., Dušková H. (2006)

    Mikroskopie atomárních sil v biologických aplikacích.

    Československý časopis pro fyziku 56(5), 340-345 (abstrakt)
  • Vlčková A., Špundová M., Popelková H., Novotný R., Doležal K., Nauš J. (2006)

    Protective cytokinin action switches to damaging during senescence of detached wheat leaves in continuous light.

    Physiologia Plantarum 126(2), 257-267 (abstrakt)

Rok: 2005

  • Kaňa R., Popelková H., Ilík P., Nauš J., Prášil O. (2005)

    Irreversible changes in photosynthetic rate induced by heating above 40 °C.

    In: A. van der Est, D. Bruce (eds.), Photosynthesis: Fundamental Aspects to Global Perspectives (Proceedings of the 13th International Congress on Photosynthesis, CD-ROM), 566-568, Allen Press (abstrakt)
  • Kubínek R., Vůjtek M., Dušková H. (2005)

    Biological applications of AFM Explorer - our experiences.

    Fine mechanics and optics 50(11-12), 330-333 (abstrakt)
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