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Reconstruction of the absorption spectrum of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 optical mutants from the in vivo signature of individual pigments.

Autoři: Fuente D., Lazár D., Oliver-Villanueva J.V., Urchueguía J.F.Publikováno : Photosynthesis Research 147(1), 75-90Rok: 2021

In this work, we reconstructed the absorption spectrum of different Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 optical strains by summing the computed signature of all pigments present in this organism. To do so, modifications to in vitro pigment spectra were first required: namely wavelength shift, curve smoothi+ng and the package-effect calculation derived from high-pigment densities were applied. As a result, we outlined a plausible shape for the in vivo absorption spectrum of each chromophore. These are flatter and slightly broader in physiological conditions yet the mean weight-specific absorption coefficient remains identical to the in vitro conditions. Moreover, we give an estimate of all pigment concentrations without applying spectrophotometric correlations, which are often prone to error.
he computed cell spectrum reproduces in an accurate manner the experimental spectrum for all the studied wavelengths in the wild-type, Olive and PAL strain. The gathered pigment concentrations are in agreement with reported values in literature. Moreover, different illumination set-ups were evaluated to calculate the mean absorption cross-section of each chromophore. Finally, a qualitative estimate of light-limited cellular growth at each wavelength is given. This investigation describes a novel way to approach the cell absorption spectrum and shows all its inherent potential for photosynthesis research.

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