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Spectral distribution of ultra-weak photon emission as a response to wounding in plants: an in vivo study.

Autoři: Prasad A, Gouripeddi P, Devireddy HNR, Ovsii A, Rachakonada DP, Wijk RV, Pospíšil PPublikováno : Biology 9(6), 39Rok: 2020

It is well established that every living organism spontaneously emits photons referred to as ultra-weak photon emission (synonym biophotons or low-level chemiluminescence) which inherently embodies information about the wellbeing of the source. In recent years, efforts have been made to use this feature as a non-invasive diagnostic tool related to the detection of food quality, agriculture and biomedicine. The current study deals with stress resulting from wounding (mechanical injury) on Arabidopsis thaliana and how it modifies the spontaneous ultra-weak photon emission. The ultra-weak photon emission from control (non-wounded) and stressed (wounded) plants was monitored using different modes of ultra-weak photon emission measurement sensors like charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras and photomultiplier tubes (PMT) and the collected data were analyzed to determine the level of stress generated, photon emission patterns, and underlying biochemical process. It is generally considered that electronically excited species formed during the oxidative metabolic processes are responsible for the ultra-weak photon emission. In the current study, a high-performance cryogenic full-frame CCD camera was employed for two-dimensional in-vivo imaging of ultra-weak photon emission (up to several counts/s) and the spectral analysis was done by using spectral system connected to a PMT. The results show that Arabidopsis subjected to mechanical injury enhances the photon emission and also leads to changes in the spectral pattern of ultra-weak photon emission. Thus, ultra-weak photon emission can be used as a tool for oxidative stress imaging and can pave its way into numerous plant application research.

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