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Visual and automatic evaluation of vocal fold mucosal waves through sharpness of lateral peaks in high-speed videokymographic images.

Autoři: Kumar S.P., Phadke K.V., Vydrová J., Novozámský A., Zita A., Zitová B., Švec J.G.Publikováno : Journal of Voice 34(2), 170-178Rok: 2020

Introduction Sharpness of lateral peaks has been found to be a visually helpful clinical feature in high-speed videokymographic (VKG) images indicating vertical phase differences and mucosal waves on the vibrating vocal folds and revealing on the health and pliability of vocal fold mucosa. This study aims at investigating parameters that can be helpful in objectively quantifying the lateral peak sharpness from the VKG images.
Method 45 clinical VKG images with different degrees of sharpness of lateral peaks were independently visually evaluated by three raters. The ratings were compared to parameters obtained by automatic image analysis of the vocal fold contours: Open Time Percentage Quotients (OTQ) and Plateau Quotients (PQ). The OTQ parameters were derived as fractions of the period during which the vocal fold displacement exceeds a predetermined percentage of the vibratory amplitude. The PQ parameters were derived similarly but as a fraction of the open phase instead of a period.
Results The best correspondence between the visual ratings and the automatically derived quotients were found for the OTQ and PQ parameters derived at 95% and 80% of the amplitude, named OTQ95, PQ95, OTQ80 and PQ80. Their Spearman’s rank correlation coefficients were in the range of 0.73-0.77 (p<0.001) indicating strong relationships with the visual ratings. The strengths of these correlations were similar to those found from inter-rater comparisons of visual evaluations of peak sharpness.
Conclusion The Open time percentage and Plateau quotients at 95% and 80% of the amplitude stood out as the possible candidates for capturing the sharpness of the lateral peaks with their reliability comparable to that of visual ratings.

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