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A method of a bicolor fast-Fourier pulse-amplitude modulation chlorophyll fluorometry.

Autoři: Lysenko V., Lazár D., Verduny T.Publikováno : Photosynthetica 56(4), 1447-1452Rok: 2018

A simple method of a bicolor (multicolor), fast-Fourier, PAM chlorophyll fluorometry has been developed to obtain fluorescence induction curves. Quantum yields of Photosystem II photochemistry were determined with blue and red simultaneously applied pulsed measuring lights for three subsequent 20 min periods of dark-, light-adaptation under actinic light and dark recovery. Measuring lights were cross-combined with blue and red actinic lights and saturation pulses. Coefficients of chromatic divergence were calculated as a ratio of the quantum yields obtained by red measuring light to that obtained by blue measuring light. Adaptation of Ficus benjamina and Hordeum vulgare leaves under blue (but not red) actinic light resulted in the sufficient increase of chromatic divergence. In addition, fraction of active, non(photo)inhibited, PSII centers was shown to be dependent on the color of measuring light. Thus, color of the light sources should be considered when reporting results of parameters evaluated from fluorescence induction curves.

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