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Hemi-laryngeal setup for studying vocal fold vibration in three dimensions.

Autoři: Herbst C.T., Hampala V., Garcia M., Hofer R., Švec J.G.Publikováno : Journal of Visualized Experiments 129, e55303Rok: 2017

The voice of humans and most non-human mammals is generated in the larynx through self-sustaining oscillation of the vocal folds. Direct visual documentation of vocal fold vibration is challenging, particularly in non-human mammals. As an alternative, excised larynx experiments provide the opportunity to investigate vocal fold vibration under controlled physiological and physical conditions. However, the use of a full larynx merely provides a top view of the vocal folds, excluding crucial portions of the oscillating structures from observation during their interaction with aerodynamic forces. This limitation can be overcome by utilizing a hemi-larynx setup where one half of the larynx is mid-sagittally removed, providing both a superior and a lateral view of the remaining vocal fold during self-sustained oscillation. Here, a step-by-step guide for the anatomical preparation of hemi-laryngeal structures and their mounting on the laboratory bench is given. Exemplary phonation of the hemi-larynx preparation is documented with high-speed video data captured by two synchronized cameras (superior and lateral views), showing three-dimensional vocal fold motion and corresponding time-varying contact area. The documentation of the hemi-larynx setup in this publication will facilitate application and reliable repeatability in experimental research, providing voice scientists with the potential to better understand the biomechanics of voice production.

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