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Evaluation of clinical value of videokymography for diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders.

Autoři: Phadke K.V., Vydrová J., Domagalská R., Švec J.G.Publikováno : European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 274(11), 3941-3949Rok: 2017

This study aimed at determining the clinical value of videokymography (VKG) as an additional tool for the assessment of voice disorders. 105 subjects with voice disorders were examined by an experienced laryngologist. A questionnaire was used to specify diagnosis, diagnostic confidence, and treatment recommendations before and after VKG. The first part of questionnaire was filled by the laryngologist for each patient after routine ear-nose-throat evaluation, including stroboscopy, the second part after the subsequent VKG examination. In 31% of subjects VKG confirmed the stroboscopic diagnosis, in 44% it made the diagnosis more accurate, in 20% there was adjustment of the treatment, and in 5% it was not found diagnostically useful. After VKG the diagnostic confidence increased in 68% of the subjects. VKG may help clinicians to take some important treatment decisions and may be recommended to be performed in patients, where clinicians are uncertain about diagnosis and treatment.

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