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Damage to photosystem II by lipid peroxidation products.

Autoři: Pospíšil P., Yamamoto Y.Publikováno : Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects 1861(2), 457-466Rok: 2017

Background: Photosystem II proteins of higher plant chloroplasts are prone to oxidative stress, and most prominently the reaction center-binding D1 protein is damaged under abiotic stress. The reactive oxygen species produced under these stress conditions have been suggested to be responsible for the protein injury.
Scope of review: Recently, it has been shown that the primary and secondary products of non-enzymatic and enzymatic lipid peroxidation have a capability to modify photosystem II proteins. Here, we give an overview showing how lipid peroxidation products formed under light stress and heat stress in the thylakoid membranes cause oxidative modification of proteins in higher plant photosystem II.
Major conclusions: Damage to photosystem II proteins by lipid peroxidation products represents a new mechanism underlying photoinhibition and heat inactivation.
General significance: Complete characterization of photosystem II protein damage is of crucial importance because avoidance of the damage makes plants to survive under various abiotic stresses. Further physiological significance of photosystem II protein oxidation by lipid peroxidation product should have a potential relevance to plant acclimation because the oxidized proteins might serve as signaling molecules.

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