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A review of singing voice subsystem interactions—Toward an extended physiological model of “support”.

Autoři: Herbst C.T.Publikováno : Journal of Voice 31(2), 249.e13-249.e19Rok: 2017

During phonation, the respiratory, the phonatory, and the resonatory parts of the voice organ can interact, where physiological action in one subsystem elicits a direct effect in another. Here, three major subsystems of these synergies are reviewed, creating a model of voice subsystem interactions: (1) Vocal tract adjustments can influence the behavior of the voice source via nonlinear source-tract interactions; (2) The type and degree of vocal fold adduction controls the expiratory airflow rate; and (3) The tracheal pull caused by the respiratory system affects the vertical larynx position and thus the vocal tract resonances. The relevance of the presented model is discussed, suggesting, among others, that functional voice building work concerned with a particular voice subsystem may evoke side effects or benefits on other subsystems, even when having a clearly defined and isolated physiological target. Finally, four seemingly incongruous historic definitions of the concept of singing voice “support” are evaluated, showing how each of these pertain to different voice subsystems at various levels of detail. It is argued that presumed discrepancies between these definitions can be resolved by putting them into the wider context of the subsystem interaction model presented here, thus offering a framework for reviewing and potentially refining some current and historical pedagogical approaches.

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