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Cotton fabric coated with conducting polymers and its application in monitoring of carnivorous plant pesponse.

Autoři: Bajgar V., Penhaker M., Martinková L., Pavlovič A., Bober P., Trchová M., Stejskal J.Publikováno : Sensors 16(4), 498Rok: 2016

The paper describes the electrical plant response to mechanical stimulation monitored with the help of conducting polymers deposited on cotton fabric. Cotton fabric was coated with conducting polymers, polyaniline or polypyrrole, in situ during the oxidation of respective monomers in aqueous medium. Thus, modified fabrics were again coated with polypyrrole or polyaniline, respectively, in order to investigate any synergetic effect between both polymers with respect to conductivity and its stability during repeated dry cleaning. The coating was confirmed by infrared spectroscopy. The resulting fabrics have been used as electrodes to collect the electrical response to the stimulation of a Venus flytrap plant. This is a paradigm of the use of conducting polymers in monitoring of plant neurobiology.

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