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Study of the moss cellular walls in polarized light.

Autoři: Nauš J., Kuropatwa R., Mašláň M. Publikováno : Acta Univsitatis Palackianae Olomuciensis, Facultas Rerum Naturalium, Physica 31, 15-27Rok: 1992

The integral intensity of transmitted light in orthoscopic arrangement of polarization microscope in dependence on the angle of rotation was studied for leaves of two moss species Mnium affine, Calliergonella cupsidata. The image has been analyzed by means of the computer system. A theory describing the angle dependence of integral intensity is developed. A good coorrespondence between the experimental and theoretical curves was achieved supprting applicability of the theory. A curve parameter q, defined as a ratio of minimal to maximal intensity values, is suggested to desribe the prolengness of the cells and regularity of cells arrangement in the leaf.

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