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Rok: 2023

  • Lyu H., Lazár D. (2023)

    Effect of ion fluxes on regulating the light-induced transthylakoid electric potential difference.

    Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 194, 60-69

Rok: 2022

  • Arshad R., Saccon F., Bag P., Biswas A., Calvaruso C., Bhatti A.F., Grebe S., Mascoli V., Mahbub M., Muzzopappa F., Polyzois A., Schiphorst C., Sorrentino M., Streckaité S., van Amerongen H., Aro E.-M., Bassi R., Boekema E.J., Croce R., Dekker J., van Grondelle R., Jansson S., Kirilovsky D., Kouřil R. , S. Michel, Mullineaux C.W., Panzarová K., Robert B., Ruban A.V., van Stokkum I., Wientjes E., Büchel C. (2022)

    A kaleidoscope of photosynthetic antenna proteins and their emerging roles.

    Plant Physiology 189(3), 1204-1219
  • Baranovicova E., Vnucak M., Granak K., Lehotsky J., Kadasova N., Miklusica J., Dedinska I. (2022)

    Circulating metabolites in relation to the kidney allograft function in posttransplant patients.

    Metabolites 12(7), 661
  • Cervinka J., Gobbo A., Biancalana L., Markova L., Novohradsky V., Guelfi M., Zacchini S., Kasparkova J., Brabec V., Marchetti F. (2022)

    Ruthenium(II)–tris-pyrazolylmethane complexes inhibit cancer cell growth by disrupting mitochondrial calcium homeostasis.

    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 65(15) 10567-10587
  • Hreusova M., Novohradsky V., Markova L., Kostruhunova H., Potočňák I., Brabec V., Kasparkova J. (2022)

    Gallium(III) complex with cloxyquin ligands induces ferroptosis in cancer cells and Is a potent agent against both differentiated and tumorigenic cancer stem Rhabdomyosarcoma cells.

    Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications 2022, 3095749
  • Kasai S., Prasad A., Kumagai R., Takanohashi K. (2022)

    Scanning electrochemical microscopy-somatic cell count as a method for diagnosis of bovine mastitis.

    Biology 11, 549
  • Krausko M., Kusá Z., Peterková D., Labajová M., Kumar A., Pavlovič A., Bačovčinová M., Bačkor M., Jásik J. (2022)

    The Absence of the AtSYT1 function elevates the adverse effect of salt stress on photosynthesis in Arabidopsis.

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23(3), 1751
  • Lazár D., Niu Y., Nedbal L. (2022)

    Insights on the regulation of photosynthesis in pea leaves exposed to oscillating light.

    Journal of Experimental Botany 73(18), 6380-6393
  • Lazár D., Stirbet A., Björn L.O., Govindjee G. (2022)

    Light quality, oxygenic photosynthesis and more.

    Photosynthetica 60(SI), 23-56
  • Liebsch D., Juvany M., Li Z., Wang H.-L., Ziolkowska A., Chrobok D., Boussardon C.,Wen X.,Law S.R., Janeckova H., Brouwer B., Lindén P., Delhomme N., Stenlund H., Moritz T., Gardestrom P., Guo H., Keech O. (2022)

    Metabolic control of arginine and ornithine levels paces the progression of leaf senescence.

    Plant Physiology 189, 1943-1960
  • Lyu H., Lazár D. (2022)

    Analyzing the effect of ion binding to the membrane-surface on regulating the light-induced transthylakoid electric potential (ΔΨm).

    Frontiers in Plant Science 13, 945675
  • Novohradsky V., Markova L., Kostrhunova H., Svitelova M., Kasparkova J., Barbanente A., Papadia P., Margiotta N., Hoeschelee J.D., Brabec V. (2022)

    Pt(II) complex containing the 1R,2R enantiomer of trans-1,2-diamino-4-cyclohexene ligand effectively and selectively inhibits the viability of aggressive pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells and alters their lipid metabolism.

    Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 9, 3295
  • Oliveira C.Y.B., Jacob A., Nader C., Oliveira C.D.L., Matos A.P., Araújo E.S., Shabnam N., Ashok B., Gálvez A.O. (2022)

    An overview on microalgae as renewable resources for meeting sustainable development goal.

    Journal of Environmental Management 320, 115897
  • Pavlovič A. (2022)

    How the sensory system of carnivorous plants has evolved.

    Plant Communications 3(6), 100462
  • Pavlovič A. (2022)

    Photosynthesis in carnivorous plants: from genes to gas exchange of green hunters

    Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences 41(5), 305-320
  • Pavlovič A., Jakšová J., Hrivňacký M., Adamec L. (2022)

    Alternative or cytochrome? Respiratory pathways in traps of aquatic carnivorous bladderwort Utricularia reflexa.

    Plant Signaling and Behavior 17(1), 2134967
  • Pavlovič A., Jakšová J., Kučerová Z., Špundová M., Rác M., Roudnický P., Mithöfer A. (2022)

    Diethyl ether anesthesia induces transient cytosolic [Ca2+] increase, heat shock proteins, and heat stress tolerance of photosystem II in Arabidopsis.

    Frontiers in Plant Science 13, 995001
  • Pavlovič A., Kocáb O. (2022)

    Alternative oxidase (AOX) in the carnivorous pitcher plants of the genus Nepenthes: what is it good for?

    Annals of Botany 129(3), 357-365
  • Pospíšil P., Kumar A., Prasad A. (2022)

    Reactive oxygen species in photosystem II: relevance for oxidative signaling.

    Photosynthesis Research 152(3), 245–260
  • Prasad A., Rossi C., Manoharan R.R., Sedlářová M., Cangeloni L., Rathi D., Tamasi G., Pospíšil P., Consumi M. (2022)

    Bioactive compounds and their impact on protein modification in human cells.

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2022, 23, 7424
  • Štroch M., Karlický V., Ilík P., Ilíková I., Opatíková M., Nosek L., Pospíšil P., Svrčková M., Rác M., Roudnický P., Zdráhal Z., Špunda V., Kouřil R. (2022)

    Spruce versus Arabidopsis: different strategies of photosynthetic acclimation to light intensity change.

    Photosynthesis Research 154(1), 21-40

Rok: 2021

  • Adamec L., Matušíková I., Pavlovič A. (2021)

    Recent ecophysiological, biochemical and evolutional insight into plant carnivory.

    Annals of Botany 128(3), 241-259 (abstrakt)
  • Arshad R., Calvaruso C., Boekema E.J., Büchel C., Kouřil R. (2021)

    Revealing the architecture of the photosynthetic apparatus in the diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana.

    Plant Physiology 186(4), 2124-2136 (abstrakt)
  • Bulusu S., Kumar S.P., Švec J.G., Aichinger P. (2021)

    Fitting synthetic to clinical kymographic images for deriving kinematic vocal fold parameters: Application to left-right vibratory phase differences.

    Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 64, 102253 (abstrakt)
  • Dlouhý O., Karlický V., Arshad R., Zsiros O., Domonkos I., Kurasová I., Wacha A.F., Morosinotto T., Bóta A., Kouřil R., Špunda V., Garab G. (2021)

    Lipid polymorphism of the subchloroplast—granum and stroma thylakoid membrane–particles. II. Structure and functions.

    Cells 10(9), 2363 (abstrakt)
  • Fuente D., Lazár D., Oliver-Villanueva J.V., Urchueguía J.F. (2021)

    Reconstruction of the absorption spectrum of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 optical mutants from the in vivo signature of individual pigments.

    Photosynthesis Research 147(1), 75-90 (abstrakt)
  • Hreusova M., Brabec V., Novakova O. (2021)

    Processing and bypass of a site-specific DNA adduct of the cytotoxic platinum–acridinylthiourea conjugate by polymerases involved in DNA repair: biochemical and thermodynamic aspects.

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22, 10838 (abstrakt)
  • Ilíková I., Ilík P., Opatíková M., Arshad R., Nosek L., Karlický V., Kučerová Z., Roudnický P., Pospíšil P., Lazár D., Bartoš J., Kouřil R. (2021)

    Towards spruce-type photosystem II supercomplex: consequences of the loss of Lhcb3 and Lhcb6 in Arabidopsis.

    Plant Physiology 187(4), 2691-2715 (abstrakt)
  • Jakšová J., Adamec L., Petřík I., Novák O., Šebela M., Pavlovič A. (2021)

    Contrasting effect of prey capture on jasmonate accumulation in two genera of aquatic carnivorous plants (Aldrovanda, Utricularia).

    Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 166, 459-465 (abstrakt)
  • Jakšová J., Rác M., Bokor B., Petřík I., Novák O., Reichelt M., Mithöfer A., Pavlovič A. (2021)

    Anaesthetic diethyl ether impairs long-distance electrical and jasmonate signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana.

    Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 169, 311-321 (abstrakt)
  • Janečková H. (2021)

    Effects of aromatic cytokinins on senescence-induced alterations in photosynthesis.

    In: Ahmad N., Strnad M. (eds.) Meta-topolin: a growth regulator for plant biotechnology and agriculture, 71-84, Springer, Singapore (abstrakt)
  • Kocáb O., Bačovčinová M., Bokor B., Šebela M., Lenobel R., Schöner C.R., Schöner M.G., Pavlovič A. (2021)

    Enzyme activities in two sister-species of carnivorous pitcher plants (Nepenthes) with contrasting nutrient sequestration strategies.

    Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 161, 113-121 (abstrakt)
  • Kumar⁠ A., Prasad⁠ A., Sedlářová M., Kale R., Frankel L.K., Sallans L., Bricker T.M., Pospíšil P. (2021)

    Tocopherol controls D1 amino acid oxidation by oxygen radicals in photosystem II.

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118(4), e2019246118 (abstrakt)
  • Lehoux H., Hampala V., Švec J.G. (2021)

    Subglottal pressure oscillations in anechoic and resonant conditions and their influence on excised larynx phonations.

    Scientific Reports 11, 28 (abstrakt)
  • Masaryk L., Nemec I., Kasparkova J., Brabec V., Starha, P. (2021)

    Unexpected solution behaviour of ester-functionalized half-sandwich Ru(II) and Ir(III) complexes.

    Dalton Transactions 50(23), 8017-8028 (abstrakt)
  • Nedbal L., Lazár D. (2021)

    Photosynthesis dynamics and regulation sensed in the frequency domain.

    Plant Physiology 187(2), 646-661 (abstrakt)
  • Perroud P.-F., Demko V. , Ako A.E., Khanal R., Bokor B., Pavlovič A., Jásik J., Johansen W. (2021)

    The nuclear GUCT domain-containing DEAD-box RNA helicases govern gametophytic and sporophytic development in Physcomitrium patens.

    Plant Molecular Biology 107(4-5), 307-325 (abstrakt)
  • Prasad A., Manoharan R.R., Sedlářová M., Pospíšil P. (2021)

    Free radical-mediated protein radical formation in differentiating monocytes.

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(18), 9963 (abstrakt)
  • Rac M., Shumbe L., Oger C., Guy A., Vigor C., Ksas B., Durand T., Havaux M. (2021)

    Luminescence imaging of leaf damage induced by lipid peroxidation products and its modulation by β-cyclocitral.

    Physiologia Plantarum 171(2), 246-259 (abstrakt)
  • Schmidt C., Babu T., Kostrhunova H., Timm A., Basu U., Ott I., Gandin V., Brabec V., Gibson D. (2021)

    Are Pt(IV) prodrugs that release combretastatin A4 true multi-action prodrugs?

    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 64(15), 11364−11378 (abstrakt)
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